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Giro Car Share
Every trip is fully insured

Every rental is insured by our partner, Triglav Insurance Company. Enjoy the ride.


Start earning money with your car

A peer-to-peer Car Sharing Hub which enables you to list or rent cars in just few clicks. All rentals are fully insured by a daily policy. Download our app and explore with us.

Monthly potential
Giro Car Share

This earnings estimate assumes 5 rental days booked per month at average daily rate of 55 € for an average 18.000,00 EUR car .. How much you actually earn may vary depending on your car type, state, age, location, actual occupancy rate, season, demand, etc.

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Why rent on Giro?

Giro Car Share

Car sharing for the people

Join Giro and rent out your car to cover the costs of leasing, insurance, servicing, parking and fuel. No sign up fee needed. You have full control over the daily price, age restrictions and your car’s availability days.

Giro Car Share

Safety features

Every renter on Giro is verified, can pay car rental only with credit card and has public ratings of his previous rentals. To keep your car safe, we additionally insure every car rental with a full protection insurance policy.

Giro Car Share

You are in control

Rent out under your own terms

Set the price, availability, limitations and who to rent out to. As a default and a guideline, the values will be set to the average values of other similar cars in your area. You can set and change them and charge other costs that relate to the renter.

List your car in 3 minutes

Car listing is easy and fast. Take 5 appealing photos of your car, enter your car information and as a final step set the pricing and rental limitations. Now renters can find your listing.

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Quick and reliable payment process

How will you get paid?

Giro will take care of the renter’s credit card payment for you. You can order payout of the funds you earned with your car after the payment is successfully processed.

Quick and reliable

You have no additional costs with your car listing. Every car rental is fully insured, you can charge any additional costs relating to car rental through the app and Giro will process the transactions.

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Giro Car Share
Giro Car Share

Safety first

We value safety of your car

You can rent out your car safely. We verify every car renter and only accept credit card payments. You can customize your safety level by increasing minimum age and increasing the required deposit amount.

Insured for every rental

We partnered with the biggest insurance company in Slovenia and developed a unique daily insurance policy. This way every rental through Giro includes liability insurance and coverage against theft and physical damage.

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How it works

List your car in only 3 simple steps. It is totally free to list your car on Giro. No monthly fees, no buy-in.

Giro Car Share

List your car for free

Share your car without sign-up fee. All makes and models are welcome at Giro, from luxury limousine to small city fliers and everything in-between.

Giro Car Share

Set the price and conditions

Choose the dates your car is available for rent, set daily rental price and you can even offer delivery of the car to the renter.

Giro Car Share

Welcome your first renter

Once your listing is live, qualified renters can reach out. You can get to know them using in-app chat before confirming their rental.

Others about Giro

Giro Car Share

Audi A4 2017

Awesome car and excellent service, highly recommended.

Marko P.
Jan 23rd 19
Giro Car Share

BMW 5-series 2011

Great car, a lot of fun to drive for a couple days. Excellent service and communication from Sergio and his colleague Tom.

Carlos M.
Jan 23rd 19
Giro Car Share

Jaguar F-type 2016

Thank you for your help Simon. Great experience.

John D.
Jan 2nd 19
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