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Giro Car Share


What are the requirements to rent on Giro?

Giro Car Share
  • You must be at least 18 years old. Hosts may set a higher minimum age.
  • You must hold a current, valid driver's license (Must be presented to the host upon pick-up)
  • Some commercial hosts provide their own commercial insurance. They may require you to be of age 25 or older, or they may charge an inexperienced driver fee.
  • You must own and carry with you a mobile phone with working camera, for verification on the Giro platform, pick-up and drop-off requirements and communication with the host.
  • You must own a supported payment account.
  • You must be a registered Giro user.


Giro Car Share
  • Full daily insurance is provided upon additional payment by our insurance partner. 
  • Some commercial hosts provide their own commercial insurance. The price of the insurance is included in the car rental price although the hosts will ask you for a security deposit.
  • Some commercial hosts may require you to be of age 25 or older, or they may charge an inexperienced driver fee.

Can I register any car to the platform?

Giro Car Share

All personal cars with the current market value not greater than €100.000 (Commercial hosts with Commercial Insurance are not limited) are accepted on the platform, there are a few limitations though:

  • Every registered car on the Giro platform must have never been declared a total loss.
  • The car must have a valid car license and registration.

The list of ineligible vehicles:

  • cargo vans, box trucks, limousines, vehicles requiring a commercial license to operate legally on public roads, farm equipment, construction equipment. 

All of the registered vehicles go through a background check. Giro may deny any listing request at its sole discretion.

Currently supported countries are: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, but more are coming soon.

When do I pay for the trip?

Giro Car Share

Upon making a booking request, your payment method is authorized for the amount of the rental but not charged. The renting fee will be charged at agreed rental price to the customer after renting is completed

How much can I earn listing my car on Giro?

Giro Car Share

It is totally up to you. It all depends on the number of rental days and the price of the rental itself. You receive 100% of the requested price and additional mileage, delivery fees, late fees etc. on your chosen Payout method. All Giro fees are an addition to your selected price. Keep in mind though when selecting your car pricing that users tend to look for the best price-performance deals.

How do I get paid?

Giro Car Share

All your earnings will deposit on your Giro balance. If you wish to withdraw the funds, simply request a Payout and select the Payout method of your choosing. The funds will be accessible on your Payout method within 5-30 business days depending on the Payout method processing times.

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